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Safety Recall 06S45 - 2005 Ford Five Hundred - Door Latch Freezing

Description: The door latches on certain 2005 model year Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Montego, and certain 2005-2006 Freestyle vehicles may not latch when operated in areas with temperatures significantly below freezing in combination with a wet environment. If not latched properly, a door may open while driving.

We currently don't have the official notice but you can read the notice to dealers here.

Safety Recall 05S37 - 2005 Ford Five Hundred, Montego - Fuel Tank Straps

Description: Certain 2005 Model Year Five Hundred, Montego, and Freestyle Vehicles - Fuel Tank Strap Replacement

November 9,2005

There is a safety recall on certain 2005 model year Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle, and Mercury Montego vehicles regarding the fuel tank straps. Read the full 05S37 recall article.

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